How to Use LinkedIn InMail for SaaS Sales Outreach


LinkedIn InMail is a powerful tool for SaaS sales pros. It lets you connect with over 65 million decision-makers. This can help you generate more B2B leads. In fact, LinkedIn outreach can get you a 300% higher response rate than email.

To make the most of LinkedIn InMail, send personalized messages that add value. Use LinkedIn’s search and filters to find the right people in your target companies. This approach helps you build real professional connections. These connections can lead to better sales results.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn InMail has an average open rate of 52%, significantly higher than regular email open rates of 20-30%.
  • Personalized InMail messages can boost response rates by up to 15%, while personalized emails can deliver six times higher transaction rates.
  • Around 65 million LinkedIn members are decision-makers, making the platform a crucial channel for SaaS sales outreach.
  • InMail messages with 400 characters or less receive 22% higher response rates, and Monday is the best day for InMail responses.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn’s advanced search and filtering tools can help you identify and connect with high-value prospects in your target market.


In the world of SaaS sales, it’s hard to stand out. But LinkedIn InMail can help. It lets SaaS companies grab the attention of potential clients. By using LinkedIn InMail, sales pros can make their outreach better and connect deeply with their audience.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn InMail for SaaS Sales

LinkedIn InMail has big perks for SaaS sales outreach. It’s more likely to get opened than regular email because it’s not as common. Plus, you can make your messages fit the needs of your prospects. This makes them more likely to respond positively.

Overview of LinkedIn InMail Features

  • Reach 2nd and 3rd-degree connections: You can connect with people beyond your close network, reaching more people.
  • Personalize messages: Make messages that speak directly to your prospects, showing how your solution solves their problems.
  • Leverage data-driven insights: Use LinkedIn’s data and analytics to make your outreach better over time.

By using LinkedIn InMail well, SaaS sales pros can improve their outreach. They can build stronger relationships with prospects and get better sales results.

1. Defining Your Target Audience

Starting your LinkedIn outreach for SaaS sales means knowing who you want to talk to. LinkedIn is great for reaching out to businesses and people who make big decisions. It’s key to find the key decision-makers in your target companies and list high-value prospects.

Identifying Key Decision-Makers in Target Companies

LinkedIn lets you find the right people in your target companies. With LinkedIn’s advanced search and filters, you can focus on specific jobs, company sizes, and industries. This helps match your SaaS with the right companies.

Using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search and Filters

  1. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to find people by job title, level, location, and more.
  2. Filters help you zero in on important people like C-suite executives and VPs.
  3. Look at LinkedIn profiles to see what they do, what they like, and what problems they face.

Building a List of High-Value Prospects

By using LinkedIn’s advanced search and filters, you can make a list of top prospects. These are people more likely to respond to your messages. This way, your messages go to the right people in your target companies, making it more likely you’ll get a positive response.

“Sharing industry insights, thought leadership, and success stories on LinkedIn builds trust with prospects.”

LinkedIn advanced search

2. Crafting Personalized InMail Messages

Personalization is key to successful sales outreach on LinkedIn. Research shows personalized InMail messages can get six times more responses than generic ones. Let’s look at what makes a good InMail message.

Writing a Compelling Subject Line

The subject line is crucial. It should be short, interesting, and match the recipient’s interests. Use their LinkedIn profile to make a subject line that grabs their attention. Skip generic greetings and focus on a specific benefit or shared interest.

Personalizing the Message Content

The message body is where you really connect. Make it personal by talking about their challenges, showing you know their industry, and explaining how you can help. Mention something specific from their profile, like a recent achievement or a shared interest.

Providing Value and Clear Call-to-Action

Your aim is to help both parties, not just sell. Make sure your InMail offers real value, like an insightful article, a product demo, or an invite to an event. Add a clear call-to-action, like setting up a meeting or trying something for free, to move the prospect forward.

By focusing on personal touches, great subject lines, and valuable content, you can boost your InMail’s impact. This approach increases the chance of connecting with your audience and sparking meaningful engagement.

3. Timing Your InMail Outreach

Timing is key when reaching your audience on LinkedIn. The best times to send InMail can really boost your response rates. Let’s look at the best times for your SaaS sales outreach.

Best Times to Send InMail Messages

Studies show Monday is the best day to send InMail. People are more active on LinkedIn at the start of the week. This means higher open and response rates. Sending your message on Mondays can really help you reach your prospects.

Frequency and Follow-Up Strategies

  1. Persistence is key in LinkedIn InMail outreach. Sending at least four messages can boost your reply chances.
  2. Avoid sending InMail on Fridays and Saturdays. People are less likely to be checking LinkedIn then.
  3. Use CRM tools to keep track of your InMail leads. This helps you follow up on time and consistently.

Avoiding Common Timing Mistakes

While Monday is best for InMail, avoid sending on Fridays and Saturdays. People are less likely to be on LinkedIn then. Knowing the best and worst times to reach out can really help your outreach. This can lead to more responses and successful SaaS sales through LinkedIn InMail.

Timing InMail Outreach

“Timing is everything with LinkedIn InMail outreach. Picking the right days and following up can greatly increase your chances of getting valuable SaaS sales leads.”

4. Leveraging InMail Analytics and Insights

To make your SaaS sales outreach on LinkedIn a success, use a data-driven strategy. Analyze your LinkedIn InMail campaigns closely. This helps you find valuable insights to improve your strategy.

Tracking Open and Response Rates

Keep an eye on your open rate for InMail messages. It shows how many prospects are engaging with your outreach. Aim for open rates between 18-25%, much better than the usual 3% for standard InMails.

Also, watch your response rates closely. A high response rate means your messages are hitting the mark and starting important conversations. Try to get response rates in the 18-25% range to boost your outreach’s impact.

Analyzing Message Performance

Look deeper into your InMail analytics to see what works best. Check how effective your subject lines, personal touches, and value proposition are. Using this data helps you find the best formulas for your outreach.

Making Data-Driven Adjustments

With insights from your InMail analytics, make smart, data-driven changes to your campaign. This could mean tweaking your audience, improving your messages, or testing new subject lines and content. By always improving based on results, you’ll boost your SaaS sales outreach on LinkedIn.

“Leveraging LinkedIn InMail analytics is key for SaaS sales teams. It helps you see what works and what doesn’t. By tracking key metrics and adjusting based on data, you can get better open rates, response rates, and more qualified leads.”

5. Integrating InMail with Your Overall Sales Strategy

As a SaaS sales pro, it’s key to link your LinkedIn InMail with your sales plan. This way, you can make your sales work better and grow your business for the long run.

Aligning InMail Outreach with Other Sales Activities

Good SaaS sales mix different tactics like cold calls, emails, and social media. Try to match your LinkedIn InMail with these methods. This helps you reach more people, grow leads, and turn them into customers.

Using CRM Tools to Manage InMail Leads

CRM tools are vital for handling leads from your LinkedIn InMail. They let you keep track of your prospects, see how engaged they are, and make sure your sales and marketing teams work well together.

Case Study: Successful InMail Campaign in SaaS Sales

A tech startup in the SaaS field had a big win by adding LinkedIn InMail to their sales plan. They used smart targeting and messages that felt personal. This boosted their sales by 30% in just six months. This story shows how LinkedIn InMail can help your SaaS business grow and get real results.

LinkedIn InMail Campaign

“Integrating LinkedIn InMail with our overall sales strategy has been a game-changer for our SaaS business. The targeted outreach and personalized messaging have allowed us to connect with high-value prospects and convert them into loyal customers.”

– John Doe, VP of Sales, Tech Startup


LinkedIn InMail is a strong tool for SaaS sales outreach. It can reach many decision-makers and get high-quality leads. By focusing on a specific audience, making messages personal, and using analytics, SaaS companies can boost their LinkedIn InMail campaigns.

With over 700 million professionals on LinkedIn, SaaS companies have a huge chance to find new customers. Using advanced search filters and LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales pros find the right people. Making InMail messages interesting, sharing useful content, and building relationships makes a sales pro stand out.

Using InMail analytics helps track how well campaigns are doing. This lets sales teams make better choices. Adding InMail to a complete sales plan, working with other sales steps, and using CRM tools makes it even more effective. By following these tips, SaaS companies can make the most of LinkedIn InMail and grow their business.


What are the benefits of using LinkedIn InMail for SaaS sales outreach?

LinkedIn outreach is great for B2B networking and sales. It has over 65 million decision-makers. Using LinkedIn InMail helps with better response rates and building professional relationships.

What are the key features of LinkedIn InMail?

About 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. It’s key for salespeople and recruiters. You can reach 2+ degree connections and personalize your messages for better results.

How can I define my target audience for LinkedIn outreach?

Focus on other businesses since LinkedIn is for them. Use LinkedIn’s search and filters to find key decision-makers. Look for job titles, company size, and industry.

How can I craft personalized InMail messages?

Personalized emails work best on LinkedIn. They can get six times more transactions. Make your subject line grab attention and tailor your message to the audience’s needs.

When is the best time to send InMail messages?

Send InMail on Monday for the best response rates. Follow up with at least four messages to increase your chances of a reply.

How can I measure the success of my LinkedIn InMail campaigns?

Track open rates, response rates, and click-through rates to see how well your InMail campaigns do. Use this data to improve your approach and messages.

How can I integrate LinkedIn InMail into my overall sales strategy?

Link LinkedIn InMail with other sales efforts like cold calling. Use CRM tools to manage leads and track interactions with prospects.

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