E-Commerce Website Development

An effective e-commerce website must be safe and secure so that your customers can find the products they are looking for as easily as possible and make a purchase.

Our professional e-commerce packages can create a safe, stable and reliable online store environment, complete with your branding, so you have everything you need to encourage your customers to return to your website repeatedly.

Whether you want to create an entirely new website or optimize an existing platform, our experienced team offers the best solutions for your business needs.

At MARKnTECH we know that every company is different and we know what works for e-commerce. We adapt each package to your needs and help you get the best out of your company.

Our e-commerce services

SEO-friendly web design – our web team is an expert in helping your target audience find your website and optimizing your online store with a clear user journey to ensure that your products are visible and encourage customers to make a purchase to do.


Payment gateway integration – we offer a development of the payment gateway plug-in to securely authorize payments through your website.


Integration of third-party applications – seamless integration of third-party tools and applications into your website, from marketing and analysis applications to consumer experience tools.


PHP platform solutions – we offer PHP platform integration with your e-commerce site and thus help reduce the costs of running your website.


ASP.NET platform solutions – ASP.net is Microsoft’s platform and powerful tool for creating dynamic, rich websites and applications.


Tailor-made solutions – we offer tailor-made solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of your company. We look for reliable software solutions and adjust them for your project to offer you the most effective combination of tools.

How We Can Help

At MARKnTECH our team of professional developers have over 10 years’ experience in e-commerce solutions. Everything we do is rigorously quality controlled.

Experienced programming and development team – our development team are highly qualified and experienced in every aspect of e-commerce solutions.

The best programming practices – we are constantly examining the programming practices we use to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date understanding and knowledge.

We follow programming guidelines and standards – all our developers adhere to tried-and-tested programming standards.

E-commerce tracking – we offer e-commerce tracking as standard to help determine whether your site is achieving good ROI, and understand which of your products generate the most revenue.